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The best coach for your child is the one that they like best and connect with. As exercises for kids need to be fun to develop a happy and positive feeling for them when going to the gym. This will then carry through till they are adults and then exercise will never feel like a punishment, but more of a pleasure and a necessity to their everyday routine to feel good.

A good, safety-conscious sports coach should:

  1. Start each practice and game with a warm up.
  2. Start each practice and game with a warm up.
  3. Emphasize solid health habits as a basis for success in sports.
  4. Know to what degree athletes can be pushed without going too far.
  5. Have a strong positive influence.
By staying involved in your kids’ sports activities, you can help lower their risk of injury. When kids stay injury-free, it helps them (and parents!) enjoy sports even more.  Make sure that your child is always wearing the appropriate gear for his or her CrossFit class.
For example: Sports clothes, closed trainers and exercise gloves to protect their hands when going on the ropes etc.

CrossFit is great for kids, because of the wide variety of disciplines it involves, from weight lifting to cardio to gymnastics. The mechanics learned in CrossFit can greatly improve vestibular development as well as kinesthetic awareness. This will also help them excel in other sports and activities.




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CrossFit is one of the fastest growing sports of recent years, blending elements from sports as diverse as gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing. With workouts based on strength, skill, speed, mobility and endurance, measured by quantifiable results, it is a proven way to increase fitness, whatever the level. From competitive lifters to recreational athletes, CrossFit has a place for everybody. Community is at the heart of CrossFit and the sport naturally fosters a sense of camaraderie amongst its participants. For those with more of a competitive spirit, we will be hosting in-house and inter-club competitions to help showcase our athletes’ talent.

They become smarter, more dedicated, more respectful, and healthier. They learn how to interact with their peers and build valuable social skills. They gain valuable knowledge into health and fitness that they can apply for the rest of their lives. They learn independence in how to exercise their bodies and also push themselves in a healthy competitive environment. They gain confidence when their bodies become more fit and stronger as they learn new exercise skills and movements.

For kids programs, it is always best to stick to bodyweight exercises. The burpee is definitely one of the most popular movements in CrossFit and this movement uses the most muscle groups to perform it. Challenges and short interval workouts are always best to keep the children focused and interested in the exercises. Make a workout out of 1 upper body movement, 1 lower body movement and 1 abdominal movement. Thus covering the whole body.

For example: EMOM (every minute on the minute)

They need to perform each exercise for as many repetitions as possible on the minute. To challenge them more, let them take a 1min rest and repeat the cycle to see if they can beat their previous scores.  This encourages them to push themselves, but within their own capacity.

Training consistently will develop strength, speed, balance, and health. Children who participate in CrossFit will notice other areas of their life improving. With improved athletic performance, it will condition their bodies to be better at other sports and activities they are involved in. Learning to exercise independently within a group, teaches children to have more focus in school within a classroom environment.

Yes. CrossFit is an exercise and nutrition program, and if you do not address nutrition, you are missing the foundation of fitness.
They need to understand the importance of health, but also know the importance of balance and moderation. It’s the same perspective that we have with movement,You can’t ask for perfection in movement or diet overnight. You need buy-in from kids and from families and parents in order for this to be maintained for a long time.  With CrossFit Kids, I recommend you do your best to surround them with … whole food (and) real food. Get them involved in the decision-making process of ‘which would you like: the apple or the carrot or the broccoli’ not ‘what do you want to eat?’
The second challenge is education. That involves teaching kids about macronutrients and the difference between whole and processed food. We are always going to eat healthy protein—some type of meat—and we are always going to eat vegetables, and we are going to eat fruit, and sometimes we will have french fries and cake. Why? Because the stuff is not good for us, but it’s sure tasty, so every now and then it’s appropriate. Balance is always key.

The recommended starting age for teaching CrossFit to children in our Facility, is aged between 6 and 7 years of age. The emphasis for this age group is fun, development and increasing physical awareness and the application of basic CrossFit principles.

Age group 8 – 11 years old for 1 hour class

This is a fun and energetic way for your child to incorporate fitness into their daily routine using safe methods of training and activities that children naturally enjoy. It is also an exciting and fun way for kids to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits.

The class duration is short and its play-based curriculum is geared towards teaching kids to think of exercise as FUN. Skills are age-appropriate developmental motor skills for the average 8 to 11 year-old.

Age group 12 – 15 years old for 1 hour class

This is a fun but yet more challenging than the kids class. It helps your teens stay active and creates more body awareness as well as keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle. The movements and skills learn’t in this class builds up to adult CrossFit.
CrossFit classes are a really good add on to any sport types, as it is a good form of strength and conditioning.

The class duration is short but at a higher intensity fitness level. This is a more self challenging based curriculum that is geared towards teaching teens to think of exercise as FUN and an achievement. Skills are age-appropriate developmental motor skills for the average 12 to 15 years old.

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