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The sport of gymnastics provides fundamentals for all sports and future interests, focusing on flexibility, coordination, strength, self-confidence, discipline, respect, and team-work. These are just a handful of skills our students achieve and use as they grow, through encouragement and acceptance.

Our greatest mission is to provide a fun and safe environment to allow the children of today to take flight as they become the successful adults of tomorrow.

Parent and Me

Age group 2.5 – 3 years old for 45 minutes class

In this class we introduce the World of Gymnastics to the smallest members of our gym. The little gymnasts are always accompanied by their parent.

They will make their first steps on the big mats in a professional and safe gymnastics area. They learn how to jump, walk on beams, hang on monkey bars and roll on cheese mats in a playfull, comprehensible way.

With their parent next to them, they become more confident and ready for the next step in their gymnastics experience.

First Steps

Age group 4 – 4.5 years old for 1 hour class

This group are already independent small gymnasts. The kids in this age have the coordination, ability and strength to start their journey and build their skill for more advance gymnastics challenges.

This class is an introduction of all apparatus and basic skills and elements in Artistic Gymnastics which are required for the next levels in out gymnastics systems.


Age group 4.5 – 6 years old for 1 hour class

In the Pre-Beginner class the kids already have knowledge and skills to grown in their gymnastics training, but they are sill young for their body to develop the strong foundation required.

Coordination, confidence, strength and flexibility are the main goals in this level as they prepare the body to accomplish other technical skill more accurately.

Fly High Fitness offers a Junior Olympic Competitive program.
Our Advanced, Developmental, Junior Elite and Elite programs are based on the USAG Program from Level 1 up to 10.
In house competitions will be held as well as local competitions with other clubs.

Beginner Level 1 Girls

Age group from 6 years old for 1 hour class

Each class starts with general warm-up and stretching, here the girls will learn and improve their flexibility. After warm-up the girls will go to their respective coaches and learn skills such as: forward rolls, handstands, cartwheel, jumps, pull-overs and balance on the respective apparatus, namely: floor, vault, beam and bars. At the end of each lesson, the coach will focus on strength and conditioning to improve their core, leg and arm strength.

Beginner Level 1 Boys

Age group 2.5 – 3 years old for 1 hour class

Each class starts with general warm-up and stretching. After the warm-up the boys go to their respective coaches and learn skills such as: forward roll, backward roll, handstands, jumps, pull-overs, swings on High-bar, Rings and Parallel-bar. Preparation for circles on mushroom. Running and jumping techniques on vault.

Advanced Boys

Any age for 3 hour class

In this class boys will perfect some of the skills learned in the Beginner Level program such as : handstand, cartwheel,rolls , swings,etc.
On Floor the boys will learn roundoff back handspring, front handsprings, handstand forward-roll, backward roll to handstand among other elements.
Pommel the boys will learn to connect multiple circles in a row on the Mushroom.
Rings the boys will perfect strength elements such as muscle ups, shoulder stands, L-hold, back lever. Swinging elements such as inlocate and dislocate and swinging back tuck dismount.
Vault the boys will learn to run and do a front somersault off a springboard, Handsprings over the vaulting horse and roundoffs over the vaulting horse.
Parallel-bars the boys will learn to swing to handstand as well as learn to dismount the bars through and from a handstand position.
High-Bar the boys will learn to swing above horizontal on the bars, connecting half turns, kips and a back tuck dismount off the bars.

Advanced Level 1 Girls

Any age for 2 hours class

In this class the girls will perfect the Level 1 skills and will be introduced to the competitive program. The main skills on this level are : Floor (handstand , cartwheel, backward roll, candlestick, Forward roll); Beam (arabesque, lever, forward leg swings, stretch jump, cartwheel to ¾ handstand dismount); Vault (handstand fall to straight lying position on the back); Bars (pullover, cast, back hip circle, dismount).
Stretching, strength and conditioning are all part of the daily routine during class.

Beginner Level 2 Girls

Any age for 2 hours class

Once the Advanced Level 1 skills have been nailed it’s time for new skills. In this class skills such as: jump to handstand onto a raised mat surface (vault); single leg cut forward(bars), single leg swing backward(bars), single leg basket swing(bars); lever to beam, ½ pivot turn(beam); round-off (floor), back kick-over(floor), leap (floor) will be introduced among other skills.
Stretching, strength and conditioning are all part of the daily routine during class.

Advanced Level 3+ Girls

Any age for 2 hours class

Once in Advanced Level 3 we can say the game has just begun. Starting with level 3 back handspring (floor), handstand bridge kick-over (floor), kip (bars), among other skills are being introduced.

At this stage the gymnasts are expected to be familiar with in house competitions as well as local competitions.

Developmental (Boys and Girls), Elite (Boys and Girls) – Invitational only

* Timing may change depending on requirement and demand. Booking as per availability of space.

Class Timings

Time: 3PM to 8PM
Days: Su - Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa