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One of the oldest Olympic sports, weightlifting is a sport for everyone. Olympic Weightlifting – comprising the snatch and the clean and jerk – is a sport for both men and women that builds strength, speed, mobility and coordination.

Weightlifting is also a skill used by many other sports to enhance performance such as rugby, athletics and martial arts. It has been proven to build bone density, speed, power and agility.

Our weightlifting club is run by Head Coach, Denis, who has competed for over 20 years for both his native Moldova then Team GB. Denis strongly believes “the barbell isn’t something to be afraid of” and our weightlifting club is inclusive and community centered. Classes take participants through the fundamental movements required for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and through a structured and safe form of programming. Participants from total beginner to competitive lifter will be able to develop in a fun, safe environment.. Since the rise of CrossFit, it has also been given a boost not only for those with aspirations of the podium, but simply for those looking for a new challenge. We will be hosting in-house and inter-club competitions for those with more of a competitive spirit to really drive their talents forward.

*Timing may change depending on requirement and demand. Booking as per availability of space.