Class details

OUTRACE offers the latest innovation in functional and suspension fitness training that focuses on movement. The purpose is to develop motor skills to improve functional movements in everyday activities, making life easier and more enjoyable. OUTMOVE, OUTBUILD, & OUTBURN classes all operate with OUTRACE.
*All classes are 30 minutes

This class is all about health, mobility and connecting with the body to provide a base of all around fitness, from which to develop. A gentle pace and a focus on quality of exercise technique over the quantity or intensity.

Incorporating muscle endurance, strength and and power, this class will focus on resistance and suspension training with a steady pace with an emphasis on getting the most from each rep and exercise, challenging oneself with a little friendly competition.

Focusing on cardiovascular training with a wide variety of movements. This class is all about high energy and high intensity, with an emphasis on pushing yourself to the limit and getting lost in the moment.

Class Timings