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Step into the world of Pilates, where strength, flexibility, and mindful movement come together to create a balanced and healthy body. At our studio, we offer two distinct types of Pilates classes:

  • Barre Pilates: Experience the grace and precision of Barre Pilates, combining elements of ballet, Pilates, and strength training for a full-body workout that tones and sculpts.
  • Mat Pilates: Explore the fundamental principles of Mat Pilates, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement, all performed on a mat.

Join us as we embark on a journey to improve core strength, posture, and overall fitness. Discover the transformative power of Pilates, and experience a new level of vitality and balance.

  • Pilates is a fitness method that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness. Its benefits include improved posture, increased strength, enhanced flexibility, and better balance.

  • Barre Pilates incorporates elements of ballet, Pilates, and strength training using a ballet barre. Mat Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on exercises performed on a mat. Barre Pilates often includes standing and dynamic movements, while Mat Pilates emphasizes floor-based exercises.

  • No prior experience is required for most Pilates classes. Instructors can adapt exercises to accommodate various fitness levels, making it accessible to beginners and experienced individuals alike.

  • Yes, Pilates is suitable for people of all ages. It can be modified to meet the needs of individuals in different age groups, from teenagers to seniors.

  • Wear comfortable workout attire that allows for a full range of motion. Grippy socks are often recommended for better traction during Mat Pilates and Barre Pilates classes.

  • The frequency of classes depends on your fitness goals. Many people benefit from attending 2-3 classes per week for noticeable improvements in strength, flexibility, and posture.

  • Yes, Pilates is known for its ability to alleviate back pain and improve posture. It strengthens the core and back muscles, promoting better alignment and reducing discomfort.

  • While both Pilates and yoga focus on mind-body connection, flexibility, and strength, Pilates tends to be more structured and emphasizes core strength, whereas yoga places a strong emphasis on flexibility, balance, and relaxation techniques.

  • Most Barre and Mat Pilates classes can be adapted to accommodate different physical abilities and conditions. It’s advisable to inform your instructor of any specific concerns or limitations so that they can provide appropriate modifications.

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*Timing may change depending on requirement and demand. Booking as per availability of space.