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Welcome to the dynamic world of TRX at Fly High Fitness, where suspension training revolutionizes fitness. TRX, or Total Resistance Exercise, harnesses your body’s weight and gravity, offering a versatile workout that challenges every muscle group. It’s an effective approach for building strength, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall fitness. Discover the power of TRX and embark on a journey to reach your fitness goals. At Fly High Fitness, we offer two types of TRX classes:

  • TRX: Experience the core benefits of TRX suspension training.
  • TRX Bootcamp: Combine TRX suspension training with high-intensity intervals for a comprehensive and challenging workout.

Choose the TRX class that suits your fitness journey, and let’s start transforming your health and strength

  • TRX, short for Total Resistance Exercise, is a fitness system that uses suspension straps and your body weight for resistance. It works by leveraging gravity to engage multiple muscle groups during exercises.

  • Yes, TRX is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Instructors can modify exercises to accommodate different skill levels.

  • TRX training can improve strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability. It also enhances overall functional fitness.

  • TRX classes typically provide suspension straps and handles. You may want to wear comfortable workout attire and supportive footwear.

  • The frequency of TRX workouts depends on your fitness goals. For noticeable results, consider attending TRX classes 2-3 times per week.

  • Yes, TRX can contribute to weight loss and muscle toning. It offers a full-body workout that can increase calorie burn and promote muscle development.

  • TRX training differs from traditional weightlifting. It utilizes body weight and suspension straps, offering a dynamic workout focused on functional strength and core stability.

  • TRX exercises can be modified to accommodate individuals with joint issues or injuries. Always inform your instructor about any physical limitations to ensure safe and effective workouts.

  • TRX classes focus on suspension training, emphasizing core strength and flexibility. TRX Bootcamp combines suspension training with high-intensity intervals for a more intense, cardio-based workout. Choose the class that aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.Or practice both ๐Ÿ™‚

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*Timing may change depending on requirement and demand. Booking as per availability of space.