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Fascia release with RecoverRing based on Hatha yoga for everyone. This class will alleviate tension, restrictions and adhesions with myofascia release in oder to restore balance and function. Poor posture or biomechanics can reprogram the fascia to hold the tissues improperly and even change joint position. Through this class these patterns can slowly be reprogrammed.

Traditional poses and sequences are often rethought to incorporate ‘juicy’ movements that feel good within the body. Postures are felt from within, transitions from one to the next being just as important as the poses themselves. Mindful flow is about moving in a way that feels good, on that day, with time and space given to explore suggestions and alternatives, as well as to get individually creative on the mat. Prepare to tune in to how your body feels through mindful movement, awareness and breath.

In Power Flow previous yoga experience is required, movement and breathe are synchronized to create a flowing practice. The Asanas (postures) are linked together in a way that makes sense physically, and creates a moving meditation, where the body becomes strong and flexible, while the mind becomes focused and calm. The pace of the flow can vary, as you are guided into and out of postures with fluidity and attention to alignment. Sophie brings her unique expertise, experience and creativity to the class. Music often forms a component to these flowing classes, which have a fun and playful element.

Vinyasa classes will focus the mind, build strength and develop flexibility. Through these dynamic and often challenging classes, you will be guided to let go of the tension in your body and mind. Classes are de- fined by Sophie’s background and style, and may include meditation and spiritual discourse, exploration of alignment or the practice of inversions.

*Timing may change depending on requirement and demand. Booking as per availability of space.