“The barbell is not something to be afraid of – with good movement and technique, anyone can lift weights.”

Lifting since childhood, Denis is passionate about his sport. Having competed internationally for over 20 years for Moldova and Team GB, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt. Not only does Denis coach but he is still actively competing and learning, adapting his own training and knowledge constantly, to make him a better coach and a more proficient athlete. Coaching men and women alike, his coaching style is based on discipline and technique. From beginners to competitive lifters, Denis is able to bring out the best in everyone he meets. His warmth and compassion combined with his respect for the discipline and technique required, makes him a masterful coach and true asset to the Fly High team.

Meet Other Coaches

Our coaches are passionate about their disciplines, and the passsion is one of our key assets. Come and meet them in person at Fly High Fiitness.

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