In every one of us, there is something unique and special that drives us in discovering new passions, which gives us the freedom to express ourselves through sport.

Manuel Lotti is a talented personal trainer and coach with almost a decade of experience and abroad educational base in Italy and United Kingdom. Focusing on all aspects of recreational fitness and acrobatic training including diving and trampolining. Manuel’s passion for music and acrobatics brought him to Dubai as artist at La Perle show by Dragone.

Being highly motivated and ambitious Manuel pursue the role as Information Technologies Manager while prompting healthy lifestyles at Fly High Fitness.

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Our coaches are passionate about their disciplines, and the passsion is one of our key assets. Come and meet them in person at Fly High Fiitness.

Patience brings to the team a level of customer care that can be directly attributed to her many years in customer service. As a graduate in business management, Patience soon discovered that…
    Corina’s passion is to help others reach their goals. Her smiling, gentle nature, combined with an impressive sporting background, gives her clients a sense of reassurance and inspiration. She started her sports…