British National Samantha from Brighton has twenty years of martial arts experience, gaining 2nd Dan blackbelt in Karate and blackbelt kickboxing and she hasn’t stopped there. UK trained and certified as a martial arts and fitness coach, Samantha knows discipline and effort get results, but enjoying the process keeps you motivated to continue. Samantha now trains and grades in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well. Samantha is a CrossFit L1 Trainer and L3 Personal Trainer. Being a physically strong female, with a powerfully strong mind and an extremely fun side, she is a coach who engages the class and demands a mutual respect. She understands each of her student’s as an individual and will always give up her time to listen to others, to offer support and share her knowledge fitness, nutrition, injury and looking after your body and mind. Samantha’s unique flare and powerful energy makes her a great coach for children and young people enabling them to be excited about learning new skills and to engage in a fit and healthy lifestyle and community.

“Without struggle there is no progress and without challenges we don’t know true fulfilment.”

-Samantha Tebay

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