Gymnastics coach Lukasz has been a gymnast for 18 years with a specialism in trampoline, in the Polish Olympic team. During his years of competition, his achievements have included three […]

    In every one of us, there is something unique and special that drives us in discovering new passions, which gives us the freedom to express ourselves through sport. Manuel Lotti […]

    Accomplished powerlifter Marc has had a successful career including reaching South African national champion status in addition to winning silver and bronze medals in the Commonwealth Games. He began Strongman […]

      Michael is a dedicated fitness professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He brings a passion for improving clients’ health, wellness and quality of life, by delivering […]

        “To me, Gymnastics means discipline – it’s a way to breathe, a lifestyle, a way to think and a way to see the world.” Mihai, has been a gymnast since […]

          “CrossFit is not just fitness, it’s a community, a family. We get fit and grow together as a team, each of us improving and developing with the support of the […]


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