Get ready to be mesmerized as the GEMS WELLINGTON ACADEMY in Dubai presents an extraordinary end-of-year show by the talented students of Fly High Dance Academy. Brace yourselves for “That’s What I Call Music,” an upcoming dance extravaganza where academy classes, from ages 4 to 18, will showcase their incredible skills honed through years of hard work. This event promises to be a stunning celebration of dance, music, and theater . 

Each year, our annual showcase is built around a dedicated theme that allows students not only to showcase their skill and dedication but also their creative spark. rom “Cinematic Magic” in 2020, featuring scenes from beloved films, to the Disney-inspired “Wish Upon a Star” in 2021, and last year’s Broadway-infused “All that Jazz showcase has been a spectacle of imagination and talent. And this year?

Experience the Magic of Movement at ‘That’s What I Call Music’
Fly High Dance Academy proudly presents “That’s What I Call Music.” A tribute to musical legends and the pulsating beats of modern tunes, this showcase is a harmonious dance spectacle that merges the past with the present. It’s not merely a recital; it’s a time-traveling journey through the music that has shaped our lives.

An Ode to Musical Icons

As the curtains prepare to rise, the stage at the illustrious GEMS Wellington Academy in Dubai, “That’s What I Call Music” invites you to witness a dance timeline that moves from the electric vibes of the ’80s and ’90s to the contemporary tunes that rule today’s airwaves as it continues to explore the hits of the 2000s. 

A Spectacle of Skill

Beyond the rhythmic steps of the academy’s students, the showcase will feature exhilarating performances that intertwine dance with gymnastics and cheerleading. Adding to this vibrant tapestry will be the aerial artistry of professional performers, making the showcase a must-see event for anyone captivated by the power of performance.

Special Highlights:

Adding to the allure, “That’s What I Call Music” will feature special acts that synergize with our dancers’ routines. Gymnasts will defy gravity, cheerleaders will ignite team spirit, and professional aerialists will add a dimension of aerial artistry that promises to dazzle and delight.

Growth and Grace: The Academy’s Journey

From a modest beginning with 30 students to an impressive ensemble of 130 dancers, FHF Dance Academy’s journey is one of growth, grit, and grace. This showcase not only displays the evolution of the academy but also celebrates the personal achievements of each young dancer who steps onto the stage.

Encore! The Praise for Past Shows

Previous showcases have left audiences enchanted, with many returning for an encore. This year’s “That’s What I Call Music”

IF THE ART OF DANCE INTRIGUES YOU, if performances enliven you, or if you’re a parent scouting for a place where your child can thrive in dance,or jst looking for fun family activity this showcase is for you. It’s a family event that transcends the ordinary, promising to leave you with a rhythmic heartbeat and a melody in your step. Tickets for the Gold, Silver and Bronze  seats for That’s What I Call Music available  at the Dubai Platinum List.

Hurry up and secure your spot as Gold seats disappear swiftly!