Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, 

What an exciting weekend at Fly High Fitness, if you missed it we had the following: 

– Visits from Father Christmas 
– Prizes and presents from the Man Himself. 
– Two Day CrossFit Competition 
– Martial Arts Competition and open day
– Kids and Teens CrossFit Competition 
– Market Day Stalls 
– Promotional and Product stands and giveaways from our partners
– Group exercise classes 
– Facility wide open house. 
– Adult Gymnastics Classes 
– Weightlifting competition 
– Powerlifting competition 
– Jumping Castle and so much more. 

We could not have made this weekend happen without the support of our members and wider community. We hope to, with the support again from the Dubai Sports Council, to make these kind of events a regular occurrence. 

Once again thank you for your support and congratulations to all who have competed and partook in the weekends activities.


Please see below the upcoming Public Holiday (Wednesday 1st December – Friday 3rd December) schedule for the Adult S&C and MA department:

Weightlifting – All classes cancelled (6am & 6pm Wed/Thurs and 9am Friday)

Powerlifting – All classes cancelled (6:30pm Thursday)

Muay Thai – All classes cancelled (5:30 & 6:30pm Wed, 5 & 6pm Thurs and 9 & 10am Friday)

BJJ – All classes cancelled (10:30am & 7pm Wed, 10:30am & 6pm & 7pm Thurs and 10am Friday)

CrossFit – Regular classes on Wed & Thurs will be cancelled but we will have 9am & 10am classes. Friday we will keep the 9 and 10am classes as normal