Accomplished powerlifter Marc has had a successful career including reaching South African national champion status in addition to winning silver and bronze medals in the Commonwealth Games. He began Strongman in 2006, and in spite of its connotations, says: “Powerlifting and Strongman is for everyone, no matter what their strength level is. Strongman and powerlifting isn’t just for big people; its for men and woman from teenagers to adults of any age. Anyone looking to firm and tone up, while getting fitter, faster and especially stronger. Powerlifting and Strongman also makes everyday life easier, as the training is functionally based. From changing your car tire to moving furniture at home, life becomes easier.”

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In 2008, Ilham left the corporate world to fully embrace her passion for Pilates. Since then, she has trained with the best teachers in the world including Moira Merrithew, Ellie Herman and…
    With over 15 years of experience and a former professional bodybuilder, Ajaz brings a wealth of knowledge to the Fly High Fitness personal training team. Originally from Pakistan, Ajaz began his fitness…