As school term approaches in Dubai, many are on the lookout for a place to fuel their fitness ambitions. The right gym plays a key role in your fitness journey. This is the first article in our three-part series discussing how to get back into shape as the year begins. Here’s a guide to help you pick the best gym for your needs:

1. Check out the Size of the Gym

Size does Matter! A minimum of 10,000 sq ft is recommended for a commercial gym because it provides the necessary space for basic fitness equipment and caters to a general clientele. A 70,000 sq ft gym , like the one offered by Fly High Fitness, takes this to another level, offering unparalleled diversity in fitness offerings, catering to a broad spectrum of clientele from weightlifters to cardio enthusiasts, yoga practitioners to CrossFit athletes. Its expansive size ensures ample space for advanced equipment, specialty zones, and multiple fitness studios, reducing wait times and overcrowding. Furthermore, such a facility can comfortably accommodate ancillary amenities like a swimming pool, spa, and cafe, elevating the user experience and fostering a comprehensive health and wellness community.

2. Look for Variety in Facilities 
A top-tier fitness center boasts diverse facilities. Modern equipment reflects not just investment in technology but dedication to offering the best training tools. Varied areas like gymnastics spaces, exercise studios, CrossFit zones, martial arts sections, and a boxing ring highlight a gym’s versatility, catering to all fitness needs. Fly High Fitness in Dubai showcases a vast gymnastic section, four exercise studios, dedicated weight lifting and martial arts areas, a unique CrossFit box, swimming pool, and outdoor courts. We prioritize high-end equipment like TechnoGym and Outrace, underlining our quality commitment. Such a wide range of amenities in one place indicates our dedication to holistic health, marking it as a prime spot for fitness enthusiasts.
3. Explore the Complimentary Amentias 
In today’s fitness world, gyms are holistic wellness hubs, offering more than just workout spaces. Essential facilities like Hot & Cold Plunge Pools facilitate muscle recovery post-exercise. Sauna & Steam Rooms, while promoting relaxation and detox, also enhance circulation and skin health. Luxury Locker Rooms underscore a gym’s commitment to hygiene and member comfort. A Coffeeshop & Health Snacks bar ensures members receive optimal post-workout nutrition. Additionally, a Wi-Fi equipped Lounge Area turns the gym into a community space, fostering connection and relaxation. These amenities don’t just cater to physical exertion but also prioritize rest and rejuvenation, showcasing a gym’s holistic wellness approach.
4. Review the Team and Courses offered. 
Choosing the right gym hinges on the prowess of its trainers and the range of courses available. A gym’s soul is reflected in its trainers, who should not only have credible credentials but also create camaraderie, guiding members with support and encouragement. This fosters motivation and a sense of belonging. A diverse course lineup signifies the gym’s holistic fitness commitment. From individual sessions to group workouts, courses for energetic kids to programs for focused adults, the offerings cater to all. For a deeper look at these programs check out this articles which explores Fly High Fitness’s diverse offerings, reinforcing its position as a top choice for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill sets.
5. Convenience and Cost:
In our fast-paced society, convenience is key when choosing a fitness center. A gym’s proximity can boost one’s commitment to regular workouts. Nearby gyms reduce commute times, seamlessly blending exercise into daily routines. Family-friendly centers that offer programs for all ages ensure the whole family can exercise together, minimizing multiple trips. Extended operating hours, including weekends, cater to even the busiest schedules. However, while location and flexibility matter, cost often becomes the decisive factor. A gym’s value proposition hinges on the balance between premier amenities, expert guidance, and competitive pricing. Ultimately, it’s about the quality and convenience you get for the price you pay.   So what Does Fly High Fitness Offer? Located strategically at 2nd Street, Dubai Investment Park 1, FHF stands as a beacon for fitness enthusiasts. Our operating hours, from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays and 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekends, are tailored to fit your busy lifestyle, ensuring you always find time to prioritize your health. We understand the diverse needs of our community, and our membership packages reflect just that. From our Bronze plan that offers a choice of discipline at AED 410/monthly to our Platinum package that gives full access to a plethora of disciplines at AED 685/monthly, there’s something for everyone. Those opting for yearly memberships can avail rates as low as AED 333 per month. Beyond just competitive pricing, the real value is in the world-class amenities, expert trainers, and the community spirit that FHF offers.

Securing the right gym environment is a pivotal first step in kickstarting a robust fitness journey. As you assess the best fitness centers in Dubai, remember that it’s just the beginning. In our next article, we will delve deeper into the specialized needs of children, ensuring they receive a holistic growth experience. Following that, we’ll explore the fitness and mental goals for adults and provide insights on how families can combine these needs to embark on a collective journey towards health and well-being.

We’re pleased to offer a complimentary day pass, allowing you to immerse yourself in our vibrant fitness environment. Get in touch today and embark on a transformative journey with FHF. Your health goals are within reach. Stay tuned for more!