Dubai is among the top 10 most multicultural cities in the world with over 200 nationalities speaking over 300 languages and dialects. The diversity of cultures and religions means that December holidays are robust and include National Dubai day, Christmas, New Year’s and so much more. So during the holidays, we attend festive events and celebrations, go on shopping sprees and most importantly spend time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, and preparing holiday meals.

But as enjoyable as it is, for many of us this also means stepping out of our regular routines, eating more, sleeping more, being less active, indulging in unhealthy foods and just generally getting out of shape.

So what can you do to keep in shape while still enjoying this special time? Here are some tips that will help you enjoy a healthy and light holiday season so you can start the new year feeling amazing and in your best shape!


The true meaning of the holidays is to spend time with your family, and there are so many

activities you can do that don’t revolve around food.

While the experience of gathering around the TV with friends and family to watch the FIFA World Cup is over, you can still keep the spirit!

Set up a soccer or basketball game with your family or friends! It’s really easy to do – simply call us and we will save a time slot for you for either the outdoor or the indoor ball court- it is open on every day of the week (weekends included).

If you’re not into football, you can come and spend a whole day at fly high with the entire family as there is something for everyone! Kids can attend the winter day sports camp or just select any of the kids’ activities and the adults in the family can select from a variety of adult courses and activities.  the family can enjoy the spa, plunge pools and healthy snacks available as well.

Other than great quality time, you will feel great and energetic right before the feast and your body will burn calories more efficiently when it is time to eat.


The holiday season often brings lots of opportunities to cheer over alcoholic beverages.

Limiting alcohol consumption and swapping alcoholic drinks with teas, water or hot cocoa (make it at home with pure cacao powder so it’s full with nutrients), will not just be a healthier choice, but will also save you lots of calories.

Drinking water has many benefits to our overall health, skin, and sense of fullness. Drinking more water, especially before the big feasts, will make you eat less and feel great.


That’s right! Veggies are framed as “sides” although they are healthy and contain low calories- salads, roasted vegetables, soups and other vegan dishes are never the main course, and that’s a shame.
To stay light and energetic, eat healthy food by treating your sides as the mains- make sure your plate is full with everything that you love eating, but have bigger portion of veggies-based dishes (aka “sides”)- that way you will enjoy your favourite foods while still eat a healthy meal with fewer calories.


Did you know that walking after eating can majorly improve digestion? Especially after big meals, walking as little as 15-30 minutes can majorly aid your digestion and have a positive effect on the GI tract.

Help clean the table, wash dishes, walk the dog or go for a nice walk around the block- these activities will all guarantee you will enjoy a very Merry Christmas.


Just like we plan ahead in life, we should also plan in advance our feasts! If you aren’t cooking, check with the host what is going to be served so you can prepare accordingly. Knowledge is power when it comes to food too. If you know your options, you can plan ahead.

If you know there will be lots of temptations, keep the day before and the day of the feast light and have lots of veggies and water. You can have more cardio workouts on both days to maximize calorie burn before you indulge yourself.


The most important thing is not to overthink it- it’s just the holidays. Don’t stress yourself out. Our goals won’t go anywhere even if we take a little break. The tips above will help you stay light and energetic, but the most important thing is to enjoy the downtime with your family and recharge before the year ends. Merry Christmas wishes from our Fly-High Fitness Center family to yours.

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