- Coach Razvan (Gymnastics Coach)

Preparing for your child’s first gymnastics class can be an exciting experience for both parents and children.

1. Get them all the right equipment.

You child may not perform at the best of their ability if they don’t have appropriate equipment for classes. Get a list of everything your child needs before they attend their first gymnastics class from the instructor. This may include a water bottle, athletic attire, a clean towel, safety equipment, and hair ties. Place all of the items they need for class in a gym or drawstring bag to make sure they are fully prepared for their first day.

2. Mentally prepared.

While your child will be excited about starting their first day of class, it’s important to prepare them mentally for their first day. It can be intimidating watching other classmates show off their routines and skills in classes. Just remind them that with lots of practice they can improve, and eventually move up to higher level classes in the future if they stick with it.


3. Arrive on time.

Before you leave for class, map out the route you’ll be taking to get there to see how early you need to leave. While getting to class late isn’t the end of the world, your child might miss out on important instructions or warm-ups that they need to hear. Try to arrive early so your child knows where to put their things and what to expect on their first day.

4. Stretch..

Not every class has warm-ups, so the instructor may expect your child to warm up beforehand. If you arrive early, the best way your child can prepare is to start stretching while you wait for the class to begin. This way their body will be prepared for whatever activities the day throws at them.

5. Start your Gymnastics experience with Fly High Fitness

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