If you have ever watched an Olympic Gymnast interviewing, they always look calm, wise and even inspiring. It is no coincidence that all Olympic Gymnasts have that in common. Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports in the world as it is extremely complex yet helps develop strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and many leadership skills and mental strengths. Gymnastics is a full-body workout which works on arms and shoulders, back and chest, abdominal muscles and legs. 

1. Why should kids practice Gymnastics?

Apart from the physical aspect, gymnastics is ideal for children of all ages for various reasons.

While enjoying a fun workout, our instructors at Fly High Fitness in Dubai will teach your child how to build self-confidence and how to work in a group. They will assist in developing different sets of skills such as leadership and overcoming challenges. Your kids will also learn the value of progress and hard work because we believe it’s a marathon that builds character, not a sprint. This is extremely important in a world where everything is so instant and our attention span is lower than ever.

2. Why Fly High Fitness?

Fly High Fitness – the best gym near you- is the most innovative fitness centre in the UAE. Our vision is based on building a supportive, diverse and inclusive community while pursuing ultimate physical and mental health.

Our gymnastics facility is the largest in the UAE and is of  Olympic standards! We have 8 different levels of gymnastics classes to make sure each child gets individual experience matching their age and set of skills.

Fitness is for everybody and for every age. The right instructor can be a life-changing character in your child’s life. It’s not just about physicality, it’s also about building a character, positive thinking and becoming mentally stronger, calmer and sharper, learning discipline and becoming a better self.

Our gym in Dubai is proud to provide a fun and safe environment to allow your children to safely develop to become their best selves while providing them with the tools to become the leading adults of the future.

3. Competitive Gymnastics

Fly High Fitness offers a junior Olympic competitive program! This means that if you’re looking for Olympic-like training for your child, we have the perfect programs to safely but surely encourage your child to become the best gymnast! Our advanced junior elite gymnastics programs have 10 different levels and include in-house competitions for Fly High Fitness members only as well as hosting other clubs for international competitions.

4. Want to attend or participate at the nearest competition?

We have many upcoming competitions!

We hold IN-HOUSE and International Artistic Gymnastics Competitions, which all take place at Fly High Fitness (72nd street, Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai, UAE).

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