Swimming is one of the most popular sports activities for children and adults alike. It’s not only a great way to keep fit and healthy, but it’s also a life skill that could one day save your child’s life. If you’re looking for a place where your child can learn to swim or improve their swimming skills, look no further than Fly High Fitness.

At Fly High Fitness, we offer various junior Swimming classes designed to cater to children of all ages and skill  levels. Our program is divided into four stages to ensure that each child receives the appropriate level of instruction and support. Here’s a breakdown of each swim stage:


Toddlers from Ages 3-4 for 30 min (offer 3 classes per week)

This stage is perfect for toddlers who are just starting to get comfortable in the water. Our experienced instructors work closely with children to help them develop their confidence in the swimming pool, all while having fun and making new friends. We offer three classes per week that run for 30 minutes each.


Beginners from Ages 5+ for 45 min (offer 4 classes per week)

If your child is new to swimming, this stage is perfect for them. Our instructors will teach your child the basics of swimming, including breathing techniques, floating, and stroke development. We offer four classes per week that run for 45 minutes each.


Intermediate from Ages 7+ for 60 min (offer 3 classes per week)

This stage is for children who have already mastered the basics of swimming and are ready to take their skills to the next level. Our instructors will focus on stroke improvement and endurance training to help your child become a more proficient swimmer. We offer three classes per week that run for 60 minutes each.


Advance from 8+ Ages 8+ for 60 – 90min (offer 3 classes per week)

This stage is for advanced swimmers who are looking to improve their competitive swimming skills. Our experienced coaches will work closely with your child to help them develop their technique, speed, and endurance. We offer three classes per week that run for 60 to 90 minutes each.


At Fly High Fitness, our 20 meter swimming pool is kept in top condition with the use of a chlorinator to ensure a clean and bacteria-free environment. Our team regularly monitors the pool’s pH levels and maintains optimal water quality, while the facility is cleaned and sanitized daily for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.


Classes for all stages run from Monday to Saturday from 3pm, so you can easily find a class that fits your schedule.  And the best part? If you sign up for any of our sports activities, including swimming, you’ll receive a free week! This promotion is valid until 12 March 2023.

In addition to our swimming program, we also offer a range of other sports activities, including football and basketball, that are perfect for children of all ages. Our programs are designed to help kids develop their skills and confidence, all while having fun and making new friends.

At Fly High Fitness, we believe that sports are an essential part of a healthy and happy childhood. Our swimming program is designed to help kids develop their skills and gain confidence in the water. So why not sign up today and give your child the gift of swimming? Whether you’re searching for swimming classes, an infinity pool, or swimming pools near me, Fly High Fitness has everything you need to make a splash.

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