Are you ready to take your fitness journey to new heights? If you’re looking for a fun, exciting, and incredibly rewarding experience, look no further than Fly High Fitness’ upcoming handstand seminar led by the exceptional coach, Lore. Whether you’re a gymnast, yoga enthusiast, calisthenics guru, or simply someone eager to learn a new skill, this seminar promises an unforgettable three hours of growth, camaraderie, and pure enjoyment.

The Powerhouse Behind the Seminar

Lore, with her extensive background in gymnastics and CrossFit, brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to Fly High Fitness. Her journey began at a mere four years old, and by the age of ten, she had earned her spot on the Romanian National Gymnastics Team. She’s not just a coach; she’s a mentor who thrives on challenging and educating individuals in gymnastics, body awareness, and spatial coordination.

Lore’s unique approach involves hosting smaller, focused seminars rather than one lengthy event. These seminars are designed to help participants perfect specific skills, and this time, it’s all about mastering the art of handstands.

Why Handstands Matter

Handstands are more than just a flashy trick; they’re a fundamental element of gymnastics and CrossFit. Many people struggle with handstands because they skip essential foundational steps. However, Lore believes that anyone can learn to master this skill with the right technique and practice, regardless of their fitness level or athletic background.

CrossFit, in particular, demands a diverse skill set, and handstands play a crucial role. Beyond building upper body strength, handstands improve body awareness and offer a unique perspective on the world—literally, turning your world upside down.

Lore’s transition from gymnastics to CrossFit three years ago was a game-changer. She found her true calling and is now dedicated to helping others experience the benefits of CrossFit, including increased body awareness and the joy of being upside down.

The CrossFit Handstand Seminar

What can you expect from this three-hour seminar? A lot. In a short span of time, Lore will teach you how to be efficient in your handstand practice, a skill crucial for the fast-paced movements demanded by CrossFit. Whether you’re new to handstands or looking to refine your technique, this seminar is designed for you.

The best part? Lore hosts these seminars monthly, each focused on a different skill. So even if you miss this one, there’s always another opportunity to enhance your abilities in various aspects of fitness.

Why Choose Lore?

Lore’s coaching style sets her apart. Her deep understanding of the human body, stemming from her gymnastics background, enables her to pinpoint even the tiniest mistakes that make a world of difference in technique. She combines her experience as both a trainee and an athlete with her coaching expertise to pay attention to all the details that matter.

Beginners Welcome

Don’t let inexperience deter you from joining this seminar. Lore has worked with complete newcomers, and within just three hours, they’ve achieved their first handstands. Her passion for coaching is evident in her dedication to helping every participant succeed.

What to Expect in the Seminar

The seminar is divided into two parts. The first 1.5 hours are dedicated to handstand holds, shaping, and positions. You’ll engage in drills and practice to perfect your form. After a brief 15-20 minute break, you’ll dive back in for another 1.5 hours, focusing on taking your handstand to the next level, including steps towards handstand walking.

What to Bring

All you need to bring is yourself and a positive attitude. While some prefer to wear sports shoes, many participants choose to work out barefoot. Don’t forget your wristbands for added comfort.

A Special Message from Lore

In Lore’s own words, “I would love to see more people coming. Handstands are my favorite skill to coach, and I can’t wait to share the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering this skill. Let’s have fun together!”

So, whether you’re an aspiring gymnast, a CrossFit enthusiast, or simply someone looking to challenge themselves in a new and exciting way, mark your calendars for October 30th. Join Lore and the Fly High Fitness community for an unforgettable handstand seminar that promises to transform your fitness journey. Register now and let’s fly high together!