Importance of Training with a Personal Trainer

- Coach Jade (Personal Trainer)

“Coach, how can I lose this belly fat?”, “How much weight can I lose in a month”, “How can I strengthen my lower back?”, “What type of exercises can I do to help reduce my blood pressure?” As a personal trainer these are some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis, and to be honest who better to ask these questions than a personal trainer, right?

A personal trainers’ job is to provide simple answers to these questions and educate people so that they can achieve their goals safely and effectively. The beauty of it is that it makes no difference if you are an avid gym goer or a first timer at the gym, a personal trainer can use their knowledge and experience to answer the most challenging questions as well as give a simple answer to the simplest of questions.

This is only one of the advantages of working with a personal trainer, having that wealth of knowledge at your disposal 24/7 is very valuable. But a personal trainers’ job does not end there. Nope! Building physical strength and cardiovascular strength, improved physique and posture, improved confidence and self-esteem is a few more things you can look forward to after a few sessions with a trainer. 

As a personal trainer myself I can honestly say that I take peoples goals and health very seriously and very personally. A trainer-client relationship is built very soon after the first session where your goal now becomes our goal, and this perfect balance between teamwork and hard work pushes you to heights that you never ever thought existed. After a few months you look back at the old you and think, “Wow, I could not have gone through that journey on my own. Bring on the next goal!”