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swimming for kids


swimming for KIDS

Dive into the world of swimming at Fly High Fitness! Whether you’re a child eager to make a splash or an adult looking to master the art of swimming, our facility in Dubai is the ultimate destination for swimmers of all ages.

 Swimming is not just a sport; it’s a life skill that can be a lifesaver. At Fly High Fitness, we offer comprehensive swimming programs designed for both children and adults. Our experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment, fostering water confidence, technique, and endurance.

Join us today and discover the joys of swimming or enhance your skills in the water, all while having a fantastic time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embrace swimming as a lifelong skill and a source of fun and fitness!

Swimming is the ideal sport for fostering children’s development. No other activity addresses such a comprehensive array of fundamental aspects crucial for a child’s well-rounded growth. From building strength, agility, and mobility to enhancing flexibility, coordination, and spatial awareness, swimming covers a wide spectrum of physical attributes. Moreover, it goes beyond the physical realm by nurturing mental skills like focus, discipline, attention to detail, and determination – all within a safe and enjoyable environment that feels instinctive to children. Kids naturally gravitate towards play, exploration, and interaction with their peers, and swimming harnesses this energy constructively. In essence, swimming can be considered the cornerstone of children’s holistic development.

Learning to swim at a young age offers a multitude of benefits for children’s development. It’s a comprehensive activity that addresses a wide range of crucial aspects early in life. From building physical attributes like strength, agility, mobility, flexibility, coordination, and spatial awareness to nurturing mental skills such as focus, discipline, attention to detail, and determination, swimming covers it all. What sets it apart is the joyous and safe environment that resonates naturally with kids. Young ones are drawn to play, exploration, and social interaction, all of which swimming encourages constructively. In summary, early swimming education can be seen as a foundation for a well-rounded developmental journey for children.

The optimal age to commence swimming is a question that often arises. Ideally, it’s beneficial to start swimming at a young age. Swimming is a sport that imparts valuable life skills, and the earlier a child begins, the more time they have to develop confidence and proficiency in the water. Starting early, children can build a strong foundation in terms of water comfort, basic techniques, and water safety. This early exposure not only fosters a lifelong love for swimming but also ensures that they acquire essential aquatic skills from a tender age. So, the answer is clear: the earlier, the better, when it comes to embarking on the swimming journey.

Swimming can be a safe and enjoyable activity for children when supervised and conducted in a controlled environment. It’s essential to have trained lifeguards, appropriate swimming equipment, and follow safety guidelines to minimize risks. Enrolling children in swim classes with certified instructors can also enhance their safety and skill development.

Selecting the right swimming program depends on your child’s age, skill level, and goals. Look for programs that offer age-appropriate instruction and have experienced instructors. Consider the class size, facilities, and the program’s focus, whether it’s on water safety, stroke development, or competitive swimming, to find the best fit for your child’s needs.

Swimming offers several psychological benefits for children, including improved self-esteem, increased confidence, and enhanced mental discipline. It promotes a sense of accomplishment as children learn new skills and achieve personal goals. The calming and rhythmic nature of swimming can also reduce stress and anxiety in young swimmers.

Yes, swimming is an excellent way to promote physical fitness in children. It provides a full-body workout that builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming also encourages flexibility, agility, and coordination. It’s a low-impact activity that is gentle on joints, making it suitable for children of varying fitness levels and abilities.

Safe entry and exit
Prone starfish , Supine starfish , bubbles
Advanced Goals
10 relaxed bubbles
Prone starfish / Supine starfish (5 sec)
Assisted tiger paddle “front paddle”

Prone streamline, Supine streamline.
Roll over and tiger paddle
Advanced Goals
Prone Streamline pushing the wall and glide – 5 Sec
Supine Streamline pushing the wall and glide – 5 Sec
Roll over – 5 sec each position
Back bubbles ” exhaling from the nose “

Prone Streamline kicks 3-5 meters
Supine Streamline kicks 3-5 meters
Roll over and alternat 5 sec each position
Advanced Goals
Unassisted tiger paddle “front paddle “
Dolphin kick

6 arm strokes without breathing
Side kicks 5 seconds each side
Advanced Goals
Side kicks – 5 meters each side
3 spear switches
Start dive

Side breathing
High elbow 6 kicks switch
Introduction to back stroke arms
Advanced Goals
Frontcrawl with minimum 3-5 side breaths
Back controled arm switches 3-5
Front somersault

Free style for 25 meters
Backstroke side kicks for 12.5 meters alternating
Breaststroke kicks for 12.5 meters
Backstroke start dive
Advanced Goals
free style – 50 meters
Backstroke – 25 meters
Treading water for 1 minute
Breaststroke breath,kick and glide for 12.5 meters

Breaststroke arms – 12.5 meters
Dolphin kick – 12.5 meters
Freestyle flip turn
Backstroke flip turn
Advanced Goals
free style – 100 meters.
Backstroke – 50 meters
Breast stroke – 25 meters
Breaststroke underwater streamline

Underwater streamlined dolphin kick
Butterfly single arm 3 strokes each
Breaststroke & Butterfly turns
Butterfly strokes 3-5 dabble arm
Advanced Goals
Butterfly breathing single and dabble arm
50 meters breast stroke
25 meters Butterfly
IM turns 
100 meters IM

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*Timing may change depending on requirement and demand. Booking as per availability of space.