At Fly High Fitness, we believe in giving everyone an opportunity to experience the diverse range of activities we offer. Our signature Open Days, , including the upcoming one on September 16th, are a perfect window into the classes and challenges that epitomize our commitment to fitness, enjoyment, and community spirit.
Why Attend an Open Day?
  1. Diverse Range of Activities: Whether it’s adults looking to try out our Studio Classes, CrossFit, or Martial Arts, or juniors eager to dive into Dance, Strength & Conditioning, Gymnastics, or Swimming, there’s something for everyone.
  1. Taster Classes: Instead of a full session, our taster classes give you a brief yet insightful look into the course. You’ll experience the essence of the activity, whether it’s the rhythm of a ballet class or the intensity of kickboxing.
  1. Meet the Coaches: After most sessions, attendees get a chance to chat with our experienced coaches, making it the perfect opportunity to ask questions and understand the benefits of each activity.
  1. Challenges and Competitions: Our Open Days often feature fun challenges, like seeing who can hang the longest or do the most sit-ups in a minute. It’s a friendly competition that adds an element of fun to the day.
  1. Open Class Environment: Especially in our Studio classes, we increase capacity and have more coaches present, creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their fitness level.
Open Day Highlights for Adults : Studio Classes: Step into our studio where you can let the energy of group workouts elevate your spirit. Experience sessions from Pilates Mat, Body Pump, Group Cycling, to Swing Yoga. Every class is a blend of fun and intensity, tailored to kickstart or rejuvenate your fitness journey.

CrossFit: Engage in high-intensity functional movements with our CrossFit sessions, ensuring you’re fit for every facet of life. Tailored for varying fitness levels, CrossFit is all about challenging regimes, community, and achieving personal milestones.

Martial Arts: Dive into the world of discipline, strength, and technique. From kickboxing to other martial arts forms, embark on a transformative journey that empowers both the body and mind.

Swimming: Our pools are the perfect place for relaxation and rigorous workouts alike. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer, our classes help refine techniques, ensuring swimming becomes both therapeutic and invigorating.
Open Day Highlights for Kids :
Dance: The dance floor is where our young enthusiasts can explore a world of rhythm and movement. Be it ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, or tap, every step is a step towards fun, discipline, and expression.

Strength & Conditioning (S&C): Designed for our younger members, these sessions ensure physical development that’s balanced and robust. Through specific exercises, we make sure the young ones leave stronger, more agile, and, importantly, more confident.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics at Fly High Fitness offers a blend of strength, flexibility, and balance. With classes catering from foundational to advanced levels, there’s an element of fun and challenge, ensuring every session is engaging.

Swimming: Tailored for our younger swimmers, the introduction classes focus on building confidence in the water. With a systematic approach, the coach ensures a foundational understanding of the levels, combined with demonstrations of movements taught during the sessions.

CrossFit Kids and Teens: Introducing the ethos of CrossFit to our younger members, these sessions are about high-intensity functional movements, ensuring fitness and fun go hand in hand.

Martial Arts for Kids and Teens: A journey of discipline and technique awaits our younger members. From kickboxing tasters to other martial arts forms, these sessions are transformative, instilling discipline and boosting confidence.
What to Expect in the Future?
While the specifics of each Open Day might vary, the vibrant spirit of Fly High Fitness always shines through. Every attendee is guaranteed a plethora of classes to choose from, offering a unique insight into what it means to be part of our community. A word to the wise for parents: junior slots are in high demand and tend to fill up rapidly. To secure an unforgettable experience for your child, we recommend booking ahead. Ready to dive in? For our upcoming Open Day on 16.9.2023,click here to book now. Seize this once-a-year opportunity and immerse yourself in the heart of a health-focused community, only at Fly High Fitness.