Having explored the expansive offerings and world-class amenities of Fly High Fitness in our previous article, it’s clear that as the new term approaches, our focus isn’t solely on academic supplies like pencils and notebooks. Equally paramount is the physical and mental development of our young ones. The dawn of the school year is a golden opportunity to lay out robust physical and mental milestones for our kids. Let’s delve into how the comprehensive courses at our center play a pivotal role in shaping a child’s holistic growth.
1. Gymnastics: Building Agility and Confidence
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: A harmony of ballet, gymnastics, and dance, this course accentuates flexibility and coordination. Kids cultivate motor skills while understanding rhythm and precision.
  • Artistic Gymnastics: By focusing on muscle strength, agility, and balance, this discipline instills determination and boosts self-esteem with each accomplished move.
2. Dance Forms: A Fusion of Movement and Expression
  • Ballet: Ballet nurtures discipline, enhances posture, and promotes flexibility. Its meticulous routines foster attention to detail.
  • Hip Hop: An energetic dance form that emphasizes coordination and rhythm, keeping kids active and engaged.
  • Contemporary Dance: This expressive dance form serves a dual purpose of enhancing physical strength and channeling emotions through
  • Tap Dancing: A rhythmic dance form, tap dancing hones musicality through the striking of the floor with metal-tapped shoes. Its intricate footwork sharpens focus and enhances agility.
3. Martial Arts: Building Tenacity and Poise
  • Karate: Beyond physical skills, Karate cultivates discipline, respect, and resilience, teaching perseverance and achievement.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: It emphasizes problem-solving through leverage and technique, rather than sheer strength.
  • Kickboxing: (also Known as Muay Thai) Marrying cardio with martial art techniques, kickboxing bolsters fitness, confidence, and assertiveness.
4. Swimming: Cultivating Resilience and Calm
  • Swimming, as a life skill, imparts cardiovascular health benefits and mental endurance. The repetitive rhythm of strokes coupled with controlled breathing offers a meditative experience, promoting mental relaxation. Check out the range of activities offered by FHF’s Pools here.
5. Team Sports: Nurturing Collaboration and Strategy
  • Football: A game of strategy and athleticism, football fosters teamwork, perseverance, and physical endurance. It instills the value of collaboration in achieving common goals while building tactical acumen.
6. Strength and Fun: Teamwork at its Core
  • Tumbling and Trampoline: It’s a blend of fun and acrobatics, enhancing muscle coordination and self-expression.
  • CrossFit for Kids: Scaled for kids, CrossFit emphasizes functional movements, promoting teamwork, collaboration, and community spirit.
  • Weightlifting for Kids: This foundational course, set in a safe environment, ensures muscle development, instilling the importance of systematic physical effort.
7. Voice and Drama: Discovering Inner Potential
  • Private Singing Lessons: Catered to individual needs, these lessons not only improve vocal range but also bolster self-confidence, aiding emotional expression and public speaking skills.
  • Theatre: Theatre workshops are a playground for creativity and self-expression. Kids enhance their oratory skills, understand character dynamics, and boost their self-confidence, preparing them for real-world interactions.
8. Personal Training Tailored for Your Child:
For parents uncertain about which activity best aligns with their child’s interests and abilities, our “PERSONAL TRAINING KIDS” program offers a solution. At Fly High Fitness, we emphasize personalized training rooted in understanding each child’s unique strengths. Our accredited coaches, renowned for their expertise, work closely with children to assess their aptitude. Based on this, they can recommend the most suitable classes to optimize your child’s potential.

Harnessing our extensive range of specialized activities, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus, Fly High Fitness stands as a beacon for personal training excellence. Our coaches, our most treasured assets, are a synthesis of technical prowess and the subtle nuances that make coaching transformative. As we gear up for the new term, envisioning child development holistically becomes paramount. Through our varied courses, we ensure our young learners emerge as well-rounded individuals—physically proficient and mentally tenacious. With each step into the new academic year, they march forth with renewed vigor, enthusiasm, and a zest for all-round growth.

Looking ahead, while our young ones are on their transformative journey, how are we, as adults, preparing for the year? The transition from August to Dubai’s New Year isn’t just a calendar shift—it’s a call to action. Join us in the next installment as we delve into setting remarkable physical and mental goals for adults.